Full Face Mask Diver

There are several reasons a diver would want to dive with a full face mask.  Many recreational divers like diving with a full face ,ask because they can breathe from their nose.  Public safety divers consider full face masks standard gear . because they protect the eyes and nose from contaminants in the water, and allow for . communication.  A full face mask provides more comfort and protection in extremely cold water – when combined with a drysuit, a diver can enjoy the beauty of cold-water dive sites in full comfort.  Because full face masks can be fitted with communication gear, these masks let divers talk with each other and surface support.  This is an essential benefit for some types of public safety diving, but can also be a useful feature for recreational divers.  Several organizations devoted to adaptive diving use full face masks for diver who are unable to clear a standard mask.

With this in mind, the philosophy of the course is to focus on enjoying full face mask diving by leaning accepted safety practices, potential hazards, problems, techniques and skills in a controlled, supervised environment.

Welcome to the full face diver specialty course online.

This course consists of 6 lessons, which are broken down in to topics, and one knowledge review.