Altitude Diver

The world’s mountain ranges are synonymous with sport, adventure and recreation. Thoughts of fresh mountain air, sheer rock faces, icy brooks and deep-blue skies conjure images of the Rockies, the Andes, the Alps and other ranges – places to escape civilization, taste excitement or just commune with nature.

It’s no surprise, then, that those headed up into unspoiled heights include scuba divers. Fresh water mountain lakes are often cool, clean and clear, with interesting aquatic life. Artificial lakes and reservoirs formed amid mountains also offer unique diving opportunities. Both these natural and manmade wonders require special procedures for altitude diving. Altitude diving is your door to dive opportunities inland, away from the ocean, and amid some of the most beautiful surroundings on earth. And if you enjoy other pursuits that take you toward the top of the world, now you can bring your gear and scuba, too.

Welcome to the altitude diver specialty course online.

The philosophy of this course is to focus on extending your diving opportunities by learning accepted altitude diving techniques and procedures. The goal of this course is to serve as an introduction to altitude diving and help you develop the necessary altitude diving skills, knowledge and techniques.  You will be able to safely plan, organize and execute no decompression dives at altitudes up to 3000 metres/10,000 feet. You will apply altitude diving knowledge and skills during actual open water dives.

The course philosophy is to expand your knowledge about altitude diving and decompression theory, altitude diving physiology, altitude diving equipment considerations, and, using the recreational dive planner at altitude. Once learned, you will apply the knowledge by making at least two open water dives practicing and demonstrating the practical aspects of altitude diving prior to earning certification.

The course consists of 5 lessons, which are broken down into topics, and 1 knowledge review.